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FAMILY LIFE CHURCH  is located at 1211 NW 46th, near NW Rochester and 46th St.   We are just south and west of Seaman High School in northern Shawnee County in Topeka Kansas.   Church phone:  785  286-1889


UPDATE NOTICE!!! - Having complied with all of the local governmental recommendations regarding COVID-19, each individual is encouraged to determine for themselves what their level of personal virus protection will be.  We will honor your choice and we will support each person while being accepting of each other's choices on the matter. 

YOUTH GROUP - SUNDAY EVENINGS:  CTC [Connected To Christ] Youth Group is being revamped...check back for future events.

FAMILY GATHERING - every Thursday evening at 6PM.  Small group gathering equipping the body of Christ to hear God's whisper and test by His Word.


#1 - Thursdays at 6:00pm. A Family Gathering is an opportunity for the body of Christ to enjoy intentional training and coaching, hearing God's voice and testing corporately what we are hearing with God's word. This is a great time to experience growth in our faith journey.  

 #2 - LIVING IN VICTORY study!!!  You can still jump in and be blessed by God's truth to us!  Sundays @ 9AM. Led by Rev. Jay Jellison on what it looks like to like totally free from every act of oppression by Satan.  Many times, we give Satan permission to oppress us without even knowing it.  The really great news is that Satan is ALREADY defeated, and we are ALREADY victorious in and through Jesus Christ!  What we need to be equipped with occurs through the act and ministry of deliverance - see Romans 8:37!

#3 - The Harvest, Monthly evangelistic gatherings of the body of Christ in multiple locations demonstrating the gospel of Jesus and sharing the gospel through proclamation, giving opportunities for people to respond and begin their walk with Jesus and His body, the church.

SUGGESTED RESOURCE - From the desk of Pastor Jay Jellison

I have been enjoying several resources that has been impacting my journey with Christ.

1. Redefining RHEMA, an incredibly helpful read, understanding the biblical principle of hearing first, speak second. Authors, (Ed Delph and David Lake)

2. Enthroned, Manifesting the power & glory of our Divine union in Christ. This again is a game changer for anyone desiring to partner with Holy Spirit to make Jesus known in their world today. (Jeff Jansen)

3. Identity. This is another power-filled read, helping the body of Christ enjoy our God given identity in Christ.  (Dan Bohi, Becoming Love Ministries)

PROJECT 2020...IT HAS BEGUN - The Multicultural Ministry of the KC District is working with the 6 Nazarene churches of Topeka to sponsor a new ministry to the Hispanic community of Topeka. Rev. Alfanso and Ana Reyes have begun knocking on doors and meeting people telling them about this exciting and much needed ministry to our community.  Continue to pray for Holy Spirit's anointing and presence to reach our Hispanic friends, neighbors and coworkers!  You can also contribute to the financial costs of this ministry through your local Nazarene church...mark your gift "Project 2020" and it will be sent to the District for this wonderful ministry.

AED - Automatic External Defibrillator Training -  IT'S TIME TO REVIEW!!! Required training for the use of the Philips HeartSmart OnSite Devibrillator is now available online at the following webaddress: by copying and pasting it into your web- browser.

Activate the Movement Topeka, A cross denominational ministry partnership, training disciples of Jesus. We are believing Holy Spirit to help us raise up spiritual mothers and fathers to assist in helping steward the awakening of God within the hearts of followers of Jesus in the Topeka area.

RECOMMENDED RESOURCES - Becoming Love Ministries has made available all of their video/audio resources on a subscription basis.  For $9.99 per month you can be encouraged, edified, and strengthened in your walk with Jesus Christ!  Our own Rev. Jay and Judy Jellison are a part of this ministry along with their video/audio resources. For more information: